Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Helping two generations achieve!
We now have many children who we have helped in the past bringing their own children to Learning Connections!
30 years ago Shirley bought her son to Learning Connections [formerly ANSUA QLD]. Shirley stated that she had lost him, she couldn’t get through to him and he was unable to display “sensible” behaviour and made no friends at school.
Shirley and her husband had lost friends due to his behaviour because of his extreme hyperactivity and because he scared others by invading their personal space.

He was given a Learning Connections program, dietary changes and structural body work. This resulted in him being able to read for the first time and socialize appropriately.

Despite limited academic achievement in school he is now a successful  business man, he has a great job in management which he loves  and according to Shirley “you saved his life, he is a brilliant father and husband”.  

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